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Is this work being done directly for the Owner of the Property?
Is this work and Bid going through a General Contractor?
If so…
Have you worked with our Company in the Past?
Does this Project have a P.L.A. (Project Labor Agreement) in place?
Does this Project require Prevailing Wage Labor Rates?
Is this a New Construction Project?
Is this an Existing Building being renovated?
If it is an Existing Building, is there an Existing Sprinkler System Present?
Can an Estimator visit the Site?
Will there be a Pre-Bid Meeting?
Is it Mandatory?
Are there Design Professionals already associated with this Project?
If so…
Are Architectural Plans and/or Specifications for the Project available to be sent to us?
Is there a FTP Site, Plan Room, or other File Sharing Site that we can download the Project Documents?