Customer Referral Program

ABJ Sprinkler Co., Inc strives to provide consistent, quality and dependable service to our Customers at a fair and competitive price. We hope you are fully satisfied with all our services and would like for you to help us spread the word to potential Clients. To show our appreciation for this, we are offering a Customer Referral Program. In this Program, an existing Customer can refer a potential new Client to us and receive a Credit to their Account for Future invoices. The following are details on the Program:

Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

  • The Referral Program applies only to Existing Customers that are in “Good-Standing”, are up-to-date with all Invoices, and do not hold an outstanding balance on their Account.
  • The Existing Customer must fill out the Referral Form on our Website in order to participate in the Program.
  • The potential Client being referred must be a new ABJ Sprinkler Co., Inc Customer in need of some form of Work
  • Examples of Work are: a periodic Sprinkler Inspection, Service Work on their Sprinkler System, a Retro-Fit/Fit-out to their existing System, or a New Installation of a Sprinkler System at their Facility.
  • The potential Client and potential Work must be located within our Service Area.
  • The potential Client will be contacted, and a Service Proposal or Inspection Contract for the Work needed will be sent to them.
  • The potential Client must sign the Contract/Proposal within 3 Months of the Existing Customer’s lead in order for the Existing Customer to be eligible for the Credit.
  • Once the agreed upon Work has been completed and payment received for the New Customer, the Existing Customer’s Account will be credited $50.00 per distinct referral.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals an Existing Customer can refer.
  • Credit will be automatically applied to the Existing Customer’s next Service Call, Periodic Inspection, or other contracted work.
  • Existing Customer will be notified of Credit at time of New Customer signing.

Customer Referral Form

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